(b.1990, Italy, lives and works in Brescia) focused on the inquiry on and about the new media, aimed at revisiting and digitally summarizing the surrounding world, analyzing(it) with the PC’s eye and translating the spontaneousness into programmed languages of codes and technology, into a wider reflection on the boundary between natural and artificial.

  1. Ensemble
  2. Shomei ( 署名)
  3. Videotapestry
  4. Aerial
  5. Extraction
  6. Twin Tendrils
  7. T.F.T.S
  8. Sculptures

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Twenty Four Thousand Seasons / 2020
Ai Data Experiment 

            In Twenty Four Thousand Seasons, each panel has been given a distinct portion of models, intercharging between each other in a 24 hours cycle. The repetition and timing will be different for each panel at a given hour, giving the viewer the chance to contemplate a figure, if only for a brief time, before it metamorphs into countless others.

I fed the neural network with a large database containing archives of statues and AI-tracked human faces. It has undergone 24000 cycles of training, a very long time, in order to understand them, learn every feature and eventually produce a simulacrum: not a copy of the real, but truth and unique in its own right.

What will be of our spirituality, our collective memory and representation of truth are the core of this project, resulting in a confrontation with our own sense of humanity, AI, and the interplay between the two.