Videotapestry / 2021
3D Sculpture - Videomapping 

Videotapestry shows the slow-moving metamorphosis of multiple textile scuptures and videos obtained by use of machine learning.
To create these objects I take huge inspiration from my clay sculptures, which are heavily influenced by natural rock formations, sea shells and wind-shaped forms. Soft propagations of color, light and textile movements are meant to suggest a meditative, introspective quality, quite like biological life forms recorded in time lapse.
These objects are originally 3d sculptures. They can be turned around and be seen on multiple directions, including depth and back. I’m currently displaying them using a video format but i’m also looking forward to be able to display them in augmented reality and Vr in the future.

As a percussionist and synth user i also prepared a sound field for this artworks. I decided to play with sounds that do not apply any emotional stress on the viewer, so no melody is included in the sound field i created. I leave the choice to display this artwork with or without sound based on your needs.

Small audio sample of the soundfiled available above.

The square format do not rappresent a limitation, these artworks can be displayed in a wide variety of formats.