Videotapestry / 2021
3D Sculpture - Videomapping 

These works were created by using modulated sounds and samples, intimate images and videos that I have collected over time, reassembled through machine learning and software in order to create large digital tapestries, collages of information translated into movement, sound and colour.
After an initial selection of these documents, I test the possible application of the recorded and produced sounds, so that the videomapping of the document and the surrounding environment is best suited to the prototype in 3 dimensions.
This prototype will then become a container, in which each element and its qualities will be elaborated and tightly sewn together.
Virtual space is a rapidly moving probability mass. When dealing with a virtual space one must keep in mind its sculptural nature, in which the concept of “ephemeral” and the material output are elements with equal rights.
For this reason, I draw a lot of inspiration from my physical works, memories, fabrics and natural environments in order to create these objects.
I look for connections which are very different in physical reality. Then I convey them into the body of the abstract form.
I mainly use two software, Cinema4d and Ableton. Most of the sound work is done live through modular synthesis and samples. Almost every aspect of the work is then reworked in stages using machine learning.
The total processing time can vary from several days to a few weeks, depending on the size of the document.
I have always been fascinated by the practice of videomapping, large natural sculptures and wall paintings. These works are able to change the landscape and they often and willingly change with it over time, creating a real harmony with its elements and then leaving only a trace of their passage.
This form of poetry, this intimate story motivates me to think about it and to make sense of what I do and what I am. I hope to share this journey with you, take care and see you soon.